How to open .mdf file

MDF Viewer Tool

The MDF File Viewer Tool (SQL Server Recovery Kit) can be installed on any computer with any version of OS Windows. The process of open.mdf files with SQL Server Recovery Kit looks as follows:

How to open.mdf file

  1. Download the MDF Viewer using the link:
  2. Install and launch the MDF File Opener software
  3. Choose a file of *.mdf format on your HDD
  4. Wait for the end of open mdf files
  5. Start to read mdf files

The MDF Reader Tool supports the following options, considering that it allows previewing and saving database files (the last option is paid):

  • Uses inbuilt means of view mdf files in undamaged MDF files
  • Uses inbuilt means of data preview in corrupted MDF files
  • Free opening.mdf files and preview of data, stored in MDF files
  • Protects database structure for open mdf file and recovery
  • Works with MDF and NDF files, supported by any SQL Server version: 2000 - 2019
  • Open.mdf file of any size, even larger than 16 Tb
  • Uses highly efficient proprietary algorithms of viewing mdf files and recovery
  • Reads tables, columns, keys, triggers, classes, indexes etc
  • Recovers data, functions, data types, triggers, stored procedures and views
  • Supports Unicode
  • Saves data to an existing database or prepares a set of sql scripts
  • MDF File Reader composes the detailed log of opening mdf file
  • Does not require access to Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Express
  • Identifies the SQL Server version in use
  • Allows previewing data, deleted from the database
  • Answers how to open mdf file and provides all required guidelines