Q:When I preview data in Recovery Toolbox for MS SQL Server, I see recovered procedures, views and other data, but after I execute the saved scripts, this data is not displayed in the Microsoft SQL Server database


To fix this problem, you should:

  1. Save the data as scripts
  2. Run the file install.bat with all the necessary parameters from the command line
  3. See response files (*????.sql.txt) to find out which scripts have not been executed successfully
  4. Load scripts executed with errors into Query analyzer from Microsoft SQL Server and try to execute them there. After you get an error message, you should detect which command causes the error. If this command writes data that is of no value, you can simply remove it from the file. Otherwise you should send the script executed with errors and a screenshot from Query analyzer to the developers. Besides, it may later be necessary to send the source *.mdf file to the developers for them to study the problem.